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today opening: Kunstrai 2014 AMSTERDAM RAI, AMSTERDAM

The national art fair for modern and contemporary art from both Dutch as well as foreign artists. A one-audience fair with 60 high class galleries who reflect the diversity and pluralism of the historic rich offer of Dutch art.

Kunstrai 2014

The KunstRAI is a national art fair for modern and contemporary art from both Dutch as well as foreign artists. A one-audience fair with 60 high class galleries who reflect the diversity, quality and pluralism of the historic rich offer of Dutch art. KunstRAI celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. 

Famous posters by Anthon Beeke 

The poster campaign for KunstRAI is designed by the legendary graphical designer Anthon Beeke. He designed the posters from 1994 to 2002 and again since 2012. The senses are the central theme of the series. The models on the posters have mostly been artists, who are disguised in their own artistic idiom. Their 'mask' refers to the art they make. This years'model is artist/designer/ inventor Daan Roosegaarde. His mask refers to his famous 'smart highway'project. 

An exhibition of all Anthon Beeke posters for KunstRAI has been organized to celebrate the Anniversary of the fair. They will be displayed in 7 'mupis'at the entrance of the fair, sponsored by JCDecaux. 

Furthermore there are presentation of: 

a grassroots movment dedicated to a tolerant world with less conflicts. In a special booth MasterPeace will show art related to the mission statement of the movement: Music above Fighting, Dialogue above Judgement, Bread above Bombs, Creation above Destruction (stand 1). 

Volvo Design Challenge 
Designers duo Van Eijk and Van der Lubbe designed a beautiful booth for Volvo, dedicated to the Volvo Design Challenge, a competition for upcoming design talent. Volvo is partner of KunstRAI 2014. see: 

The Art Directors Club Nederland was established in 1966. The mission of the organisation is to publicise and improve the creative standard of commercial communication and related disciplines. 
At KunstRAI the ADCN will exhibit the free work of her most creative members. 

YiP - Young in Prison 
Young in Prison presents incarcerated children worldwide with a second chance. Using creativity and sports we work on life skills, essential to connect to the existing social system. Simultaneously we work on sustainable mentality and policy changes, both in the direct environment of the youth and on a political level. All for a successful future in freedom. 
At KunstRAI YiP sells photographs which are donated by well-known photographers. The revenues are used for YiP projects. See: 

Speed Limit - François Curlet - Installation with Jaguar E-type and movie 
François Curlet’s Speed Limit, a Jaguar E-Type transformed into a funeral vehicle, is inspired by the Hal Ashby movie Harold and Maud (1971). This piece, symbolic of a borderline state, is a hybrid object underlining the delicate boundary between norm and folly, life and death, truth and 
lies. A metaphor for existence, between acceleration and deceleration, hedonism and renunciation, ownership and dispossession – as much an object of catastrophe as of the sublime – Speed Limit is described by Curlet as ‘a piece of mechanical and social evidence produced by man and placed on the edge of his living journey.’ The installation, including the car (which are in a private collection) are on show at KunstRAI. 

History KunstRAI 

The KunstRAI was founded in 1985 by Wim van Krimpen, who used the Stichting Kunstbeurs to aid this organization. In 1991, Jaap Witzenhausen took over the organization for one year, after which the Stichting Kunstbeurs was placed in the hands of Erik Hermida. In 1994, Stichting Kunstbeurs handed the titel KunstRAI over to the RAI and was deposed of. In 1997, the RAI also took over the title of Art Amsterdam. The name Art Amsterdam was added as a subtitle to KunstRAI. 

From 1992 until 2002, the fair was organized in the name of Amsterdam RAI by Erik Hermida. He was succeeded by Anneke Oele. In 2006, the RAI decided to drop the name KunstRAI and organize the fair under the name of Art Amsterdam. 

In 2012, Anneke Oele quit and Edo Dijksterhuis was appointed as the new director. After the 2011 edition, he decided to take the fair to a new direction. The Art Amsterdam 2012 was to move to a new location in Amsterdam Noord and was to be held in the fall, instead of the spring. The fair was to be smaller with a more international character. 

After this was made public, several gallery owners decided to organize the KunstRAI again. After discussing it with the RAI, they concluded it was going to be held in the same location and in the same period of time (May/June) as the previous versions of the fair. Erik Hermida was asked to, together with gallery owner Mark Slegers, organize the event. For this purpose, Stichting Kunstbeurs was founded once again. The fair states itself as a national fair, which gives a greater perspective of the diversity and the quality of the modern, contemporary and autonomous art. 

Erik Hermida,, +31 20 6264020 

Opening 4th June from 3pm 

Amsterdam RAI, 
Europaplein, Amsterdam Olanda. 
Hours: Wednesday 4th June 6.00 - 10.00 P.M., Thursday 5th June 12.00 - 9.00 P.M., Friday 6th June 12.00 - 9.00 P.M., Saturday 7th June 11.00 A.M. - 6.00 P.M., Sunday 8th June 11.00 A.M. - 6.00 P.M., Monday 9th June 11.00 A.M. - 6.00 P.M. 
Tickets: € 15,-, Ticket sale through internet: € 12,50 (see button on the right), Under 18: € 10, Children up to 12 years free admission.

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