Friday, June 20, 2014

The 5 Most Voted Posts Ever

Great surprises from you votes (+), having seen the results of the views, the chart is really different.
The only post that was present also in the TOP 9 for views, was the post about Uruturamaro, so we reproduce it integrally here:

+31  BODY ART #7: Uruturamaro

BODY ART #7: Uruturamaro

Uruturamaro (Ultra-Utamaro) art mixes bodies, printed digital graphics and flowers.
The idea behind his (her?) works is to take “persons” from the worst and most dirty places of the World Wide Web and to transform them in human-flowers.
Uruturamaro declared that he/she was inspired by some verses of a Japanese tea-master: “Even in the dirt, there are flowers”.

Uruturamaro artworks are published on some webistes and then erased after some days, they die like flowers. He/she rarely exhibited the works in art spaces, mostly on South Asian countries and even in these cases only for a few days.


Uruturamaro -detail


+15 Tribute to the Stars of Italian Movies: Claudia Cardinale

+10 BODY ART #8: Marina Abramovic and Ulay

+10 The Italian problem

+10 Arnaldo Pomodoro

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