Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Strange Gang Wants To Make The Art World Acknowledge The Body Painting

Press Release, for immediate release

An artist from Venice Biennale who inspired also the Cirque du Soleil, the most famous
brand of professional cosmetics, the photographer who shocked Venice with a bondage in Piazza San Marco and an historical art gallery, united for a “mission impossible”: to make the art world accept body painting as a form of art like sculpture, painting, and so on.

They will start from Italy, the cradle of traditional art, being sure that a victory here will
be a great one.
Yes, Italy is quite traditional in art taste and this time there will be no

baroque frames!

The sculptor Rabarama, Kryolan company, the photographer Hikari Kesho and the art
gallery Vecchiato Arte had created the Rabarama Body Art Festival, whose final event will
be held in Merano on August 2nd, 2014: here, a selection of ten body painters will create a
work inspired to the art of Rabarama.

The focal point of their partnership is the beauty of the body, which everyone of them
celebrates in a personal way: Rabarama artworks are always centered of strange human
bodies in permanent mutation, covered with symbols and figures; Kryolan works to create
the best products possibile for making bodies look more beautiful; Hikari Kesho uses the
“shibari” technique to transform female bodies in formal, living sculptures and Vecchiato
Arte was always interested in a figurative art centered on beauty.

Apparently different worlds will so be united under the sign of the body, as the universal
symbol of beauty and harmony....Leonardo too was convinced of that....

Official web site:

Rabarama Body Art festival

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