Thursday, May 22, 2014

Where is going graffiti art?

Graffiti art is a quite young reality but it is an ever evolving one.
The whole thing started around 1970 in the major cities in the USA, associated to hip-hop subculture and rapidly expanded all over the world.
Nowadays the "tag" is one of the most globalized forms of expression, you can see them from NY to Beijing.

New York, 1973

Beijing, 2013
If you would like to get more info about the history of graffiti, please read this interesting article:

We want here to point on the contemporary evolutions of graffiti, presenting two emerging fields:

Hand painted Animated street Art:

The concept is interesting because we must be aware that today's graffiti are watched more on screen than on the streets, so  ‘online meets offline, hand painted animated street art’ , responds to this reality, creating stop motion graffiti artworks.
The author is the famous INSA and the project is called GIFI-ITI:

Graffiti on girls:

This is quite controversial: "tags" are (were?) basically signatures on the walls and public spaces to affirm one's presence (and power) in a neo-tribal way.
If you put them on naked girls these could seem at least "macho culture", and maybe it is.
Anyway this tendence appears to be more and more widespread among teens in metropolitan areas: graffiti crews that write walls and (consentient) girls:

Suckor - 47 crew


And this new movement as Facebook groups and websites that demonstrate how much it is widespread now.
Interesting matter for the sociologists, art for all the others...

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