Friday, May 2, 2014

Severino del Bono & Jeff Robb @ Van Loon Galleries

Duo exhibition at Van Loon Galleries with Jeff Robb and Severinod el Bono, starting on May 10th:

Severino Del Bono started his own journey through art picking the colors for his brother's works, an amateur painter affected by a form of color blindness. He was only a child when he started using oil, but in his twenties, when he started figuring himself as a painter, he chose the acrylic on canvas technique to develop his constant and obsessive aesthetic research in the figurative painting. His accurate style is inspired by the studies on light of Caravaggio and by the expressivity of Francis Bacon. Working mainly on the feminine face, he tries to capture the intense inner being of the women he portraits, looking for the harmony of their forms and the grace of their expression. Eyes-closed or eyes-covered, his women represent an attempt to get away from reality, to look inside oneself escaping from everyday chaos. In his paintings Del Bono finds a place where a silent introspection is possible, showing and hiding at the same time. Since 2009 he's collaborating with Vecchiato Arte : five years in which he kept exploring figurative painting confronting himself with other artists and with the market. “I felt that my work has a purpose I could barely see before”, he says. A work that embodies a powerful mistery.

Severino Del Bono

Jeff Robb
Jeff Robb is a leading world authority on lenticular photography. He is a London based artist who works with holography, lenticular photography and laser light. Trained in Holography at the Royal College of Art in London, he has works held in some of the most prestigious collections around the world. He is the first artist to have a hologram acquired by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, UK and he is also the only artist in history to have taken underwater three dimensional photographs

Jeff Robb

Making of Diluvian:

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