Thursday, May 22, 2014

“Metamorfosi” Art cocktail with Rabarama and her sculptures

Saturday May 31
Art cocktail with Rabarama and her sculptures
Kustlaan 29 - 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium | Tel. +32 (0)50 61 10 76 |  

The historical (founded in 1910) gallery Cafmeyer in Knokke, organizes an art cocktail on May 31, dedicated to the famous sculptor Rabarama.
The Italian artist will be present, presenting her intriguing sculptures that have been exhibited all around the world (Miami, Las Vegas, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, London, etc) and that starred at the 54th Biennale di Venezia.
Rabarama artworks are collected by a large number of collectors in Europe, Asia and North America, by museums and by some of the greatest art collectors in the world. Her art is appreciated also beyond the boundaries of the art-market, by designers, professionals in the showbiz and fashion designers, because of the originality and real contemporaneity of her proposal.

Rabarama is considered an all-round artist by her critics and most demanding collectors, thanks to the steady flow of official recognition and awards she has received on the national and international art scene.
Her production is quite eclectic and varied and includes terracotta sculptures, painted bronze, pieces in marble and glass, oil paintings, resin inclusions, artistic gold jewels, recent rubber monotypes and graphic work.
In the past few years a large number of exhibitions have been organized and she has enjoyed international acclaim: Beijing, Shangai, Caracas, Holland, Mexico City, Paris (an event in which wonderful monumental sculptures are exposed in Paris’s most beautiful squares such as Place de la Sorbonne and Place du Panthéon), Miami, Saint Tropez, Florence.
Rabarama’s artistic value is confirmed by her extraordinary participation to the Biennale of Venice, the 54th International Art Exhibition, where she was chosen as artist for the Italian Pavilion.

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