Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BODY ART#12: Horiyoshi III

We continue to introduce some artists who have chosen to use the body (often their body) as the "canvas" or the "marble" on which express their creativity or pulsions.

This is an important branch of contemporary art that has its roots in the nature of human being and in the desire to modify the body or to show on it signs that link the person to a wider reality (community, culture, gods, myth...).

Among the artists we represent, it's sure that Rabarama art is influenced by the attention and focus on the body. She has her peculiar view on the theme and she is agile in changing the subjet to object in a big game of mutation: she could create on her body, with her body, on stone or metal bodies, on others' bodies.

In this way the subject is present but fades in a different concept of individuality, merging with the billions of possibilities of reality.

In August, 2014, she will be the protagonist of the RABARAMA BODY ART FESTIVAL, more information here

Speaking about body art we could not forget the tattoo, as one of the most ancient forms of body art. So we introduce here the greatest living tattoo master:

Horiyoshi III

BODY ART#12: Horiyoshi III
"The creatures I draw only come alive on somebody's skin. This is why I never show my designs as so-called art. I draw simply for fun and to have samples to show my clients so they can pick a new design. The creatures depicted take the person's breath away once they are on his or her skin — and then the two start breathing together, in unison. Human history alters the look of the animals and plants I paint, and when the person wearing them dies, so too do they."

Horiyoshi III

(Born Yoshihito Nakano in 1946) Nakano was inspired when he saw a Yakuza (Japanese gangster) with a full-body tattoo in a public bathhouse when he was a young boy, "about eleven or twelve." This inspired him to visit legendary tattoo artist Yoshitsugu Muramatsu, also known as Shodai Horiyoshi of Yokohama. Nakano got his own tattoo from Horiyoshi II—Shodai Horiyoshi's son—and lead to Nakano becoming Horiyoshi I's apprentice at age 25.
Horiyoshi III is the second tattooist be granted that honorific title, which passes from master to apprentice. The tattooist affixation Hori means to engrave or "to carve."Muramatsu bestowed this title upon Nakano in 1971.
Horiyoshi III was a member of the Yakuza at a young age, but quit before becoming an apprentice tattoo artist.

Horiyoshi III

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