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BODY ART #7: Uruturamaro

We continue to introduce some great artists who have chosen to use the body (often their body) as the "canvas" or the "marble" on which express their creativity or pulsions.

This is an important branch of contemporary art that has its roots in the nature of human being and in the desire to modify the body or to show on it signs that link the person to a wider reality (community, culture, gods, myth...).

BODY ART #7: Uruturamaro

Uruturamaro (Ultra-Utamaro) art mixes bodies, printed digital graphics and flowers.
The idea behind his (her?) works is to take “persons” from the worst and most dirty places of the World Wide Web and to transform them in human-flowers.
Uruturamaro declared that he/she was inspired by some verses of a Japanese tea-master: “Even in the dirt, there are flowers”.

Uruturamaro artworks are published on some webistes and then erased after some days, they die like flowers. He/she rarely exhibited the works in art spaces, mostly on South Asian countries and even in these cases only for a few days.


Uruturamaro -detail


Regarding the Body Art we have recently launched a new event that will take place on August in the beautiful Merano:

Rabarama, the Muse of Body Art for Kryolan

Kryolan , in collaboration with Vecchiato Arte, launches the first competition and festival of body art inspired by the art of Rabarama . The final event will take place on August 2, 2014 in Merano, Italy.

Like all beautiful and innovative initiatives , the Rabarama Body Art Festival was born thanks to the encounter of different persons and companies, all linked from acting towards the Beauty and with a strong interest in the Body .
Kryolan , the most famous of professional cosmetics company ( and cruelty free ! ), the great plastic artist Rabarama and the art gallery Vecchiato Arte , the famous photographer Hikari Kesho and his living sculptures , they met , they liked and so was born the Rabarama Body Art Festival
Ten (10) body artists will be selected (through the regional selections ) and they will participate in the final event in Merano where they will realize their work of body art inspired to Rabarama .
Rabarama with Martin Miller, the prestigious photographer Hikari Kesho and Arch. Daniel Piovano will judge and elect the winner .
There will be prizes of great value offered by Rabarama, Vecchiato Arte and Kryolan , as well as the publication of the photos of the finalists on the official websites of the event.

>More information and registration on 

Rabarama is considered an all-round artist by her critics and most demanding collectors, thanks to the steady flow of official recognition and awards she has received on the national and international art scene. Her production is quite eclectic and varied and includes terracotta sculptures, painted bronze, pieces in marble and glass, oil paintings, resin inclusions, artistic gold jewels, recent rubber monotypes and graphic work.
In the past few years a large number of exhibitions have been organized and she has enjoyed international acclaim: Beijing, Shangai, Caracas, Holland, Mexico City, Paris (an event in which wonderful monumental sculptures are exposed in Paris’s most beautiful squares such as Place de la Sorbonne and Place du Panthéon), Miami, Saint Tropez, Florence.
Rabarama’s artistic value is confirmed by her extraordinary participation to the Biennale of Venice, the 54th International Art Exhibition, where she was chosen as artist for the Italian Pavilion. 

For more than 60 years Kryolan Professional Make-up is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe. Kryolan is also engaged to establish their products more towards the beauty sector. Cruelty free

     Vecchiato Arte 
Vecchiato Arte is a group of Galleries in constant development and research.
It consists of two complementary parts, Vecchiato New and Vecchiato Historical. These galleries work together to organize and promote both Historical, International and emerging artists with many of whom it has exclusive contracts.
The gallery also distinguishes itself for its ability to perceive new world trends, being one of the first in Italy, for example, to organise an important exhibition with contemporary Chinese artists (Made in China, Padua, 2006). 
The nucleus of the Vecchiato Art Galleries was established in 1986 by Dante Vecchiato at Paduae

Hikari Kesho 
Hikari Kesho has developed a unique style for photographing female bodies, making personal researches on the theme of body expression. He uses often black and white with gothic contaminations and connects uniquely to the world of fetish fantasies.
Hikari Kesho artworks have been published in many books and magazines (Goliath books, Playboy, Blue magazine ) and in 2012 he was selected (the only italian photographer) for "The Art of Contemporary Shibari", a multi-media exhibit including still photography, video, and live performance art by Photographers, Riggers and Models for the Fotofest 2012 Biennial, the first international Biennial of Photography and Photo-related Art in the United States.

Media contacts:
Vecchiato Arte
Via A. Da Padova, 2 – 35100 Padova – Italy
tel. +39.049.8561359

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