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32nd edition. Almost half of the fair is dedicated to emerging generation artists. The section Curator's view brings together thematics groups exhibitions, The Cinema features two film programmes and a show is focused on works from private collection.

Aggiungi didascArt Brussels 2014 BRUSSELS EXPO, BRUXELLESalia

The 32nd edition of Art Brussels , – within a continuing spirit of creative and artistic renewa l - features several new initiatives.
For the 10th consecutive year, the fair could again count on the support of ING as main sponsor. After consistently building up its reputation over the years and following on the success of Art Brussels 2013, the fair now confidently occupies a position among the top five international art fairs , while maintaining its unique features and welcoming convivial atmosphere. As their proliferation seems to testify, art fairs continue to provide important economic, networking , and exhibition opportunities for artists; whilst for collectors and the public they remain unique platforms where one has the opportunity to see many artists and artworks under one roof, something that would not be possible in other circumstances.

It is no longer a secret that Brussels is , in the last years, experiencing a creative renaissance in all fields of culture , and especially the visual arts. The city continues to attract international attention and more newcomers in terms of artists, gallerie s and curators. This, in addition to the committed cultural institutions that already exist, is solidifying Brussels’ reputation as one of Europe’s most interesting and promising contemporary art cities , which is quietly stealing the limelight from other e stablished cultural metropoles . Brussels offers easy access (under 2 hours by train) from other neighbouring major European cities, the promise of multiple cultural discoveries, an increasing number of new artistic initiatives in the city, and an excellent culinary culture. The strong collector’s base in Belgium (Belgian as well as international) further reinforces the position of Art Brussels as one of the major, not - to - be - missed cultural events in Western Europe and one of the flagship events in Europe’s capital.

SECTIONS : PRIME, YOUNG, FIRST , SOLO, CURATOR’S VIEW (new) Apart from the renewal of each edition, Art Brussels continues to maintain its profile as a fair that brings together emerging artists and galleries (the YOUNG section) with more established ones (the PRIME section), thus offering the best of both worlds: an established market combined with a youthful appeal. At the same time it continues to reinforce and build upon its identity as a ‘discovery fair’ and the place where one can identify artists at the beginning of their careers 4 Indicatively, this year the FIRST section, which includes young and upcoming galleries that have never shown at the fair before, will be enlarged after a record number of ap plications. FIRST, which is supported by Swatch , the Swiss w atchmaker, is a unique section at Art Brussels as it is upon invitation only. It is scouted and selected by a committee of curators including:

- Daria De Beauvais, Curator, Palais de Tokyo, Paris
- Chris Fitzpatrick, Director, Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp
- Nathalie Hartjes, Artistic director Nieuwe Vide, Haarlem, and Coordinator of the Gallerist Programme at de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam
- Johan Holten, Director, Kunsthalle Baden Baden
- Katerina Gregos, Curator, Artistic Director, Art Brussels.

In addition to FIRST, 75 galleries will be exhibiting in the YOUNG section, meaning that almost half of the fair is dedicated to emerging and younger generation artists.
Katerina Gregos selects the best booth i n YOUNG25m2. The winning Gallery will be rewarded with the Karen Renders Award. This year, more emphasis will also be placed on individual presentations of artists, in the SOLO section, providing the opportunity to see the work of an artist (whether establi shed or young) more in - depth, and allowing for larger scale projects. Art Brussels is partnering, for the second time with Pirelli , for the Pirelli Prize, which will be awarded to the best SOLO presentation.
The galleries in the SOLO section are pre - select ed by Katerina Gregos , and the prize is selected by the members of the Art Brussels Collector’s Committee. The SOLO shows are spread throughout the 2 halls of the fair.

Finally, a new section has been added to the fair this year entitled CURATOR’S VIEW . T his section brings together a selected number of galleries who bring a curated thematic group exhibition in their stand to the fair. These curatorial proposals can be curated either by an artist, or by a curator, or by the gallery themselves and are select ed by Katerina Gregos. 


For the first time, the fair will s tage an exhibition focused on showcasing works from selected private collection s, based on a concept conceived by Katerina Gregos, artistic director of the fair. This year’s inaugural exhibition (and the fair’s flagship artistic project) bears the title Po rtrait of the Collector as a Work of Art , An intimate Journey, and will bring together highlights from the collections of the Art Brussels’ Collectors Committee, comprised of some of the most outstanding Belgian collectors. The latter are internationally k nown for their passion, dedication, knowledge, and expertise and for discovering and acquiring artists at a very early stage in their careers. Art Brussels, with the collaboration of Louis Vuitton , will thus pay tribute to a selected number of these collec tors and to highlight specific works from their collections, as well as shed light on what motivates them and how they approach art collecting, thus also generating a discussion about the practice of collecting, which lies at the heart of the raison d’ ê tre of every art fair. This unique project would not be possible without the generous partnership of Louis Vuitton , and the additional support of Anglo Belge Special Risks , who are our exclusive partners in this unique endeavo u r. 

This year, together with the National Lottery , Art Brussels is launching a new curatorial competition for emerging curators (by invitation only), providing the opportunity for a young curator to or ganise an exhibition drawn from the collection of the National Lottery on the theme of games of chance.
This unique collection of 100.000 items contains works of art by Old Masters as well as contemporary artists and includes photographs, audio - visual ma terial, drawings, prints, etchings, sculptures, ceramics, paintings, objects, ephemera, tapestries, posters and documents but also lottery machines, slot machines, fun fair lotteries, dices, etc.
The winning curatorial proposal , which will be formulated o n the base of research conducted at the archives of the National Lottery, will be presented exclusively at the National Lottery booth, during Art Brussels, in the fair grounds.

One of the highlights of Art Brussels for some years now, is the HI SK Café, operated by HISK – the Higher Institute for Fine Arts Advanced Studies & Practice - based Research in Visual Arts, Gent, on the Mezzanine of Hall 3. The HISK Café doubles up as a bar but also a special artistic project each year, conceived of by the 23 artists currently resident at the HISK. The HISK Café offers visitors the chance to make artistic discoveries, while enjoying a drink and a moment of relaxation. It is one of the most lively and informal fixtures of the fair, drawing many artists and a young crowd. As with the previous years, this year HISK will surprise Art Brussels with a new, and always adventurous artistic project for the fair. Watch this space! with the support of Duvel Moorgat and Brewery Bosteels

Apart from the institutional public and private spaces already existing in Belgium, the country has a number of very dynamic and important curator and artist - run not - for - profit spaces are important platforms for artists and art - lovers alike. This year, Art Brussels will , for the second time , again host six artist and curator – run, not - for - profit spaces from all over Belgium, introducing to the fair an important non - commercial parameter.
Each space has been invited to present a special project for the f air, thus highlighting practices that are more experimental. The spaces featured this year are: NICC (Brussels), Objectif (Antwerp), LLS 387 (Antwerp), CIAP (Hasselt), Hotel Charleroi (Charleroi), and Kiosk (Gent).

S THE STAGE was inaugurated at Art Brussel s 2013 and featured an intense and high - level discursive programme , which featured over 100 art professionals and thinkers, over five days in a special amphitheatrical str ucture designed by Tom Mares & W alt Van Be ek (designers of Art Brussels 2013) . Following the success of last year, THE STAGE will continue in the same shape and form, with a new programme of discursive activities (talks, debates, encounters with artists) and a programme of live art and performance . THE STAGE, is the discursive heart of the fair, the place where ideas and people (artists, collectors, gallerists, curators, scholars, critics and the like) will gather in order to propose, discuss and exchange ideas, plans and visions and listen to the ideas that currently matter.

Art Brussels places a special emphasis on film and video, important art forms that are widely accepted in museums, institutions and biennials but perhaps less well represented in art fairs d ue to spatial restrictions. Last year, for the first time, Art Brussels inaugurated a special space for the presentation of shorter duration films and videos, THE CINEMA , which was also designed by Tom Mar es & Walt Van Beek. This initi ative will also continue at Art Brussels 2014. THE CINEMA features two curated film programmes, selected by Katerina Gregos, based on gallery submissions.

The artists to be featured for the months in th e run up to Art Brussels are as follows:
- JOHN AKOMFRAH (Ghana, 1957): Thursday 27 th February , courtesy Caroll/Fletcher (UK)
- LAURE PROUVOST (France, 1978): Thursday 27 th March , courtesy M OT International (BE/UK)
- ELIZABETH PRICE (UK, 1966) : Thursday 17 th April , courtesy MOT International (BE/UK)

For more information and programme times see:

Press contact:
Gerrie Soetaert Press & Communication +32 (0)47547986

Preview & Vernissage 24 April
Press Conference 24 April , 2.30 pm– THE STAGE

Brussels Expo
- halls 1 & 3 Place de Belgique, 1 Belgiëplein BE - 1020 Brussels
Opening hours:
Preview 24 /04: 11 am - 5 pm. ( by invitation only) Vernissage 24 /04: 5 pm - 10 pm. ( by invitation only)
Friday 25 - Sunday 27 April: 12 noon – 8pm

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