Friday, March 28, 2014

Women artists #1: Frida Kahlo

We like to start this new series of post with the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo: she doesn't need any introduction.

We would like with these posts to start a discussion about the role of women in art, with the perspective of the different  (from the traditional “male” maninstream) vision on the World that they transmit.

Speaking about Frida Kahlo, we could say that her art is cruel but at the same time “warm”: there is in her paintings a peculiar approach to suffering and to the wounds of the body.
A really “natural” one and with no morbosity.
Suffering (and the physical one too) seems to be part of her a normal way.
Like the natural beauty of her body or her colourful happiness in contact with Nature.

Can be this interpreted as a peculiar attitude of women towards the Body? In many cases different from the attitude of males that seems to be more distant, more mediated.

Frida Kahlo 

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

Kahlo's art is so "contemporary" also in 2014 and we must admit that she looked really like a contemporary (or post-contemporary?) woman:

Frida Kahlo, photo

UPDATE: We suggest you an exhibition in Rome about Frida Kahlo, read here the full article

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