Monday, March 10, 2014

Siena 2019 hosts Michelangelo Pistoletto and his Third Paradise

Pistoletto, acknowledged as one of the main representatives of Arte Povera, will be guest of the candidacy on March, 10th-11th.
Two events for Siena 2019 with the world-wide renown Italian painter and sculptor Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Pistoletto, acknowledged as one of the main representatives of Arte Povera, will be guest of the candidacy on March, 10th for a conference on the theme “responsible social transformation”, topic on which he has been working for 20 years. On March, 11th, Pistoletto, with the collaboration of the Sienese community, will put on the performance “Third Paradise”, specifically designed for Siena 2019 by Cittadellarte together with the Educational Department of Castello di Rivoli. A reconfiguration of the mathematical infinity sign in which three circles are drawn: the two opposite circles signify nature and artifice; the middle one is the conjunction of the two and represents the generative womb of the Third Paradise and the ideal overcoming of the conflict between nature and artifice.

A very special guest, recipient of the Golden Lion Honorary Award at Venice Biennale, of the Wolf Foundation Prize in Arts, and, more recently of the Praemium Imperiale (an artistic prize which is the equivalent of a Nobel Prize), renown and appreciated at an international level, he will explain the project “Cittadellarte” during the event on Monday, March 10th, at 5 p.m. at the Sala del Mappamondo. A new model of cultural and artistic institution that places art in a direct interaction with diverse sectors of society, an entity meant to produce civilization through responsible social change.

A center of art and social fabric production which became over the years a landmark for institutions, enterprises and independent organizations, thanks to its democratic dimension achieved through artistic and social practices.

An idea strictly related to the vision of Siena candidate city - European Capital of Culture 2019, which gave birth to the collaboration between the two projects.

On Tuesday, March 11th the collective oper-action “Third Paradise” will be performed in Piazza del Campo at 2 p.m.. This is designed in collaboration with Cittadellarte and the Educational Department of Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, and inspired by the “new infinity sign” that Michelangelo Pistoletto created in 2003, in order to share it with the whole humankind.

A new symbolic shape that contains the principle of re-birth, originated by the fusion between the first paradise, in which humans were fully integrated into nature, and the second paradise, which is an artificial paradise, created by humans and science. The Third Paradise is the conjunction between the two, and it aims at a passage to a new level of civilization, essential to ensure the human race's survival. The new infinity sign is therefore represented by three circles: the middle one symbolizes the generative womb of the Third Paradise.

For the occasion, the new infinity sign will be traced with a rope, around which all the citizens are invited to gather.

The rope is a powerful symbol for the city of Siena: it recalls the allegory of the Buon Governo (Good government), but also the hawser that marks the starting line of the race during the Palio.

In the square, which is a meeting place and a place for discussion, the citizens will perform the Third Paradise, and they will use this tool to collect and share the values that they recognize as such.

Things like works of art and craftsmanship, tangible or intangible goods, artistic, theatrical, musical performances or of any kind: citizens are invited to join us and lay them down in the square, thus creating a sort of bank of human values with the interaction between artistic drawing, goods given by the community, and the participation/action as a collective performance.

A community action that reformulates the economic and financial language and thus becomes a work of art; an initiative that perfectly reflects the concept of the candidacy, that is the relationship between heritage and social innovation. A moment of true participation that will mark a restart of the city, something that is possible also thanks to the help of Siena 2019 candidacy.

The event is supported by Regione Toscana, Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena, Comune di Siena and all the other components of the Committee of Promoters.

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