Thursday, March 6, 2014

In its 9th edition, the fair features 'G-plus' a new section where many major contemporary art galleries throughout Japan collectively aim to expand their reach in the art world. 'Artistic Practices' is a section which began in 2011 out of a concept that "artistic practice is present in any era and any genre". 'Outlines' features original exhibitions recommended by either AFT working committees or proposed by galleries.
6-9 March, 2014

Art Fair Tokyo 2014 unveils a list of top quality exhibitors and special projects 
Art Fair Tokyo announces with much enthusiasm, the ninth edition of its fair, scheduled to be held from the 7th to the 9th of March at Tokyo International Forum. 

Art Fair Tokyo is the largest fair of its kind in Japan, featuring high-quality domestic and international galleries that cover a wide range of genres and periods from antiques, arts and crafts, nihonga, modern art to the latest contemporary art. This year, we welcome over 140 galleries from 15 cities domestically and 13 cities internationally. 

Our exciting new section is G-plus, where many major contemporary art galleries throughout Japan collectively aim to expand their reach in the art world. One of our fair highlights will feature multiple galleries working together to showcase a unique exhibition of artworks. 

At the DISCOVER ASIA section, for our third time around, we welcome galleries dealing with cutting-edge Asian contemporary art. This includes first-time venues from areas attracting the greatest attention in the fine art world today, such as the Philippines and Indonesia. 

Approximately 100 galleries from domestic veterans to international galleries will present exhibition booths in the Galleries area. The antique street in this area exhibits unrivaled works of antiquity set within superb booth installations. Museum-class pieces from modern to contemporary will also be exhibited here in this area. 

Artistic Practices is a section which began in 2011 out of a concept that "artistic practice is present in any era and any genre." It showcases a range of creativity centering on the fine arts including superb artworks and product design. Marking its fourth appearance this year, it will turn to modern painting, offering visitors the opportunity to experience the history of Japanese fine art alongside the diversity of artworks on display in the galleries' exhibits. Presented under the theme of "modernity-created by Japan," it will feature a wealth of modern paintings that are uniquely Japanese. 

The booths presented under the title OUTLINES will feature original exhibitions recommended by either AFT working committees or proposed by galleries. One of the booths will feature up-and-coming media artists coupled with an interesting talk event collaboration with prominent curators to help in the realization of the exhibition and the genre in its entire depth. We will also present the TOKYO LIMITED section, which made its debut at the fair last year. This section showcases applied art such as crafts, jewelry and fashion in the context of fine art. It will feature a host of exhibits rarely seen in the visual arts. 

Following are the list of the exciting components and the galleries exhibiting in its latest fair. 

Shintaro Akatsu Gallery - Berengo Studio / ANDO GALLERY / Art Lab TOKYO / gallery A-zone / B-gallery / BIZEN GALLERY AOYAMA / Bohemian's Guild by Natsume books / chiyoharu gallery / Daishojiya / DMO ARTS / gallery ecrunomori / GALLERY EGINU / Exhibition Space APJ / Promising artists of Tokyo University of the Arts—selected by Mitsukoshi / GALLERY GINZA ARTONE / Ginza Kuroda touen / GINZA YANAGI GALLERY / GALLERY GYOKUEI / H-art Beat / GALLERY HASHIMOTO / Gallery Hirota Fine Art / HIYOSHIDO / gallery incurve kyoto / Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery / T. EDO INOUYE & SON oriental art / arte classica by Ishiguro Gallery / ITSUKI ART GALLERY / Gallery Jiku 22 / KAMIYA ART / Kashima-Arts / KISHIMOTO GALLERY / Kobayashi Gallery / Gallery KOCHUKYO / GALLERY KOGURE / KOMIYAMA SHOTEN / Gallery Kouzome Bijutsu / GALLERY KUGO / gallery KUNIMATSU / kyobashi gallery / MAESAKA SEITENDO / MAYUYAMA & CO., LTD. / ART GALLERY MINAZUKI / MITOCHU KOEKI COMPANY / Kobijutsu Miyashita / MIZOE ART GALLERY / Gallery Murakoshi / NAGOYA GALLERY / NAKACHO KONISHI ARTS / NANAYA / nca | nichido contemporary art / galerie nichido / eiji nishikawa chinese ceramics and works of art / Nishimura Gallery / NODA CONTEMPORARY / NUKAGA GALLERY / Galeria Odalys,S.L / OHYA-SHOBO co.,ltd. / gallery OLYM / Saitama Gallery / SANKEIDO Ltd. / Gallery SEIZAN / Shibuya Kurodatoen Co., Ltd. / SHIHOUDOU GALLERY / SHINSEIDO HATANAKA / Shinseido TokyoBerlinArtBox / Gallery Shorewood / SHUNPUDO GALLERY / Shunsei Gallery / Shuyu Art gallery / SOH GALLERY / Gallery St. Ives / Gallery Suchi / Sumisho Art Gallery / TAGUCHI ART / Taigado / TAIMEI GALLERY / Taiyo Gallery / Galerie Taménaga / TANNAKA Co., Ltd. / Gallery Tazu Art / Gallery Togeisha / TOHO ART / Toki-no-Wasuremono / TOKYO GALLERY + BTAP / The Tolman Collection / Gallery Tomura / GALLERY UEDA / URAGAMI SOKYU-DO / Watanabe-Sanpodo / ART GALLERY X at Takashimaya / Gallery Yamaki Fine Art / YAMASHITA GALLERY / Yanagase Gallery / YASAKA GALLERY / Yorozu Gallery / ZEIT-FOTO SALON / ZOKYUDO GALLERY 

ARATANIURANO / Yumiko Chiba Associates / hiromiyoshii roppongi / imura art gallery / Kodama Gallery / Tomio Koyama Gallery / London Gallery / Mizuma Art Gallery / MORI YU GALLERY / NANZUKA / Gallery Naruyama / TARO NASU / SCAI THE BATHHOUSE / GALLERY SIDE 2 / Take Ninagawa / KENJI TAKI GALLERY / YAMAMOTO GENDAI 

Gallery EM (Seoul) / Gallery EXIT (Hong Kong) / EDOUARD MALINGUE GALLERY (Hong Kong) / 1335MABINI (Manila) / Project Fulfill Art Space (Taipei) / ROH Projects (Jakarta) / Gallery Skape (Seoul) / TKG+(Taipei) 

DER-HORNG ART GALLERY (Tainan) / Ic 810 (Tokyo) / Inga Gallery (Tel Aviv) / GALLERY MONMA & ANNEX (Sapporo) / SNOW Contemporary (Tokyo) / Takashi Somemiya Gallery (Tokyo) / Yoshimi Arts (Osaka) 

gallery C.A.J. / gallery deux poissons / Kanazawa Utatsuyama Kogei Kōbō / O-Jewel / TOYAMA GLASS STUDIO / Tajimi City Cultural Atelier gallery VOICE / matohu (In cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO) 

Art, Media and I, Tokyo (Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, waitingroom, Mujin-to Production) / COVERED TOKYO (KAYOKOYUKI, TALION GALLERY, nap gallery, HAGIWARA PROJECTS) / ESSE / PAP-AKI CAFE PROJECT ShugoArts) / Side Core / Total Recall - Works of Mitsutoshi Hanaga (1959–1999) (AOYAMA | MEGURO, GALLERY KOCHUTEN) 

ART FAIR TOKYO Committee Executive Office 
3-8-8-4F, Negishi, Taito-ku, Tokyo, japan, 110-0003 
Tel: 03-5808-1451 Fax: 03-5808-1452 

Preview: Thursday, March 6 
Invitees and press only 

Tokyo International Forum 
B2F, Exhibition Hall 
Fair hours: 
Friday, March 7, 11am–9pm 
Saturday, March 8, 11am–8pm 
Sunday, March 9, 10:30am–5pm

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