Thursday, March 27, 2014

BODY ART #5: Yoko Ono

We continue to introduce some great artists who have chosen to use the body (often their body) as the "canvas" or the "marble" on which express their creativity or pulsions.

This is an important branch of contemporary art that has its roots in the nature of human being and in the desire to modify the body or to show on it signs that link the person to a wider reality (community, culture, gods, myth...).

Among the artists we represent, it's sure that Rabarama art is influenced by the attention and focus on the body. She has her peculiar view on the theme and she is agile in changing the subjet to object in a big game of mutation: she could create on her body, with her body, on stone or metal bodies, on others' bodies.
In this way the subject is present but fades in a different concept of individuality, merging with the billions of possibilities of reality:

BODY ART #5: Yoko Ono

The attention to the body is in Yoko Ono a way to create performances that stimulate the thinking about violence, war and other themes near to her artistic sensibility:

"By integrating the body into conceptual works rather than literal narratives of violence, artists contested and redefined mainstream definitions of art, social relations and hierarchies, and consciousness. " (Whitney Frank, “Instructions for Destruction: Yoko Ono's Performance Art,” intersections 10, no. 1 (2009): 571-607, link here )

Here is the video of her outstanding 1965 perfromnace CUT PIECE:

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