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Pinocchio and Art

Pinocchio in pencil. 38 illustrations on display. Pictures and words that make traveling in the history of Collodi's puppet and recover all the chiaroscuro of his human adventure .
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Pictures and words that make us travel in the history of Collodi's puppet and recover all the chiaroscuro of his human adventure . A Pinocchio puppet that alternates between his being and child , expressing emotions and thoughts urgent and current.

In this phase of the crisis of human values ​​, where deception is rewarded and fraud designed to exploit weaker beings wins, returns to the topical fantastic story of Pinocchio.

The exhibition " Pinocchio Pencil" evokes the myth of the puppet become child through thirty-eight illustrations created by Francesca Perrotta , between 2011 and 2013. The Roman artist translates into images "Adventures of Pinocchio " by Carlo Collodi , capturing some essential moments in the history of the evolution of the character.

The exhibition is a collaboration with the National Library and also wants to be an initiative to promote and rediscovery of this classic text . Inside the building the setting will remain visible from February 26 to March 30 , 2014, with the inauguration Wednesday, February 26th , at 17:00 .


The exhibition includes drawings on paper designed by the artist for the book " Pino occhio" , self-produced in April 2013. " The love for the " truth, " for the message of Pinocchio , which in some children's books (at least those that I had read as a child ) and cartoons , it fails in its multi-faceted joint, pushed me to an artistic work , research and writing graphics that were transferred to the publication of the book. "This text tells the story of Pinocchio from the point of view of the protagonist in the narrative by inserting comments and thoughts now become the puppet boy .

The wires that Carlo Collodi left with this classic offer more reading plans and interpretations and trace a path that leads us to recognize the relevance of this character , as explained by the author of the boards : "evidence that the protagonist must face in his adventures resemble those that we find today on our way.
The novitiate of Pinocchio resonates in our imagination and suggests possible evolutionary strategies . This story is a modern myth , which prepares us for a future world. "

The exhibition is also an opportunity for the National Library to expose some of the many illustrated editions of Pinocchio that are part of his collection of books . The story of Pinocchio has always impressed the imagination of great artists who contributed to the fame of the book: the first book edition published in 1883 by Libreria Editrice Felice Paggi and illustrated by Enrico Mazzanti , subsequent Italian editions , enhanced by images of artists Mattioli , Galizzi , Ruby, Frezzato , Faorzi , Luzzati , Jacovitti , Cambellotti , Pavilions , Mussino , Knight and many more.

In particular, it was decided to give space to some of the editions published in more recent years , this is the classic editions of the story by Collodi , particularly valuable for the names of the artists who , through pictures, Pinocchio reinterpret each with its own style and their technique , but also adapted and revised editions such as jackets , Gianni Rodari and Giusy Quarenghi and Nicoletta Costa.

The initiative is aimed at a diverse audience : for the little ones it comes to discovering Pinocchio from the images , and - for an adult audience - the exhibition is an opportunity to revisit the text and grasp new aspects : "Through the shadows and lights puppet I tried to return the integrity of the message of Collodi. "In both cases it is a way to give back to the deeper meanings of the work.

For schools , on request by calling the telephone number 06 4989249 , on Friday morning you will visit the exhibition with the author . On this occasion, Francesca Perrotta tell the story in action by following the sequence of images displayed and deepening the themes that emerge in the story, with the ability to open new windows for the knowledge of this myth .

Francesca Perrotta is a designer and sculptor , an expert on facilitation techniques based on experiential learning and training artistic creation , narrative and metaphor. Born in Rome in 1965, after a Diploma in Fine Arts Academy , take the road of the educator. At the center of his artistic and professional is the theme of the relationship between light and darkness . In this path, made ​​of contrasts and shades, was born on his encounter with the real and fantastic Pinocchio .

Puppet Collodi , provocative character , naughty and full of humanity , created in her the desire to compete with the writing , opening new possibilities of expression.

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