Friday, February 28, 2014

楊冬雪:關于沉默的大多數 北京藝門畫廊(香港)個展

杨冬雪, 个展

对我来说 这些图像都将死于一个永远未能完成的推理与意义的编造之中。

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Regarding The Silent Majority
Yang Dongxue, Solo Exhibit
Jan 25 - Mar 15, 2014
Press Release
Pekin Fine Arts is pleased to host our 1st solo exhibit project with Beijing artist Yang Dongxue. Dong Xue works with sculptural and sound 
installation and watercolor drawings, focusing on the artist’s perpetual struggle to express oneself honestly – and accurately - to the 
audience, and inevitably falling short. Dong Xue’s practice is marked by a deep ambivalence toward art production and his role as a 
player in the contemporary art scene. He sees himself as a “dedicated” and “serious” artist who is painfully aware of the futility of such 
dedication and seriousness.  
He aims to illustrate the prelude to art production, rather than the result or objects of such production. His focus is on the thought process in “making stuff”, while knowing that such artist-produced iterations will never fully meet the artist’s expectations.  Shifting the focus 
away from the outcome, Dong Xue aims at demonstrating his what transpires prior to giving birth to the object. The conscious and subconscious act of conceiving the artwork is the focal point for Dong Xue.    
Artist Statement:
I obsess over the existential meaning of artwork creation and the act of editing one’s consciousness. 
I am torn between the dual limitations of exacting existential meaning from consciousness and depicting visually such things. 
As artists, we produce “meanings” and we adopt them as maps of our behavior. 
The images presented in this exhibit consist of records of raw material waiting to be assigned meaning. 
These images are produced subconsciously. Most are collected and edited instinctively. 
I see the images’ impact diminishing during fabrication, leaving only incomplete understanding and insufficient meaning. 
The art produced will hold no more than traces of emotion and subconscious musings. 
These artworks are proof I am laboring on behalf of my subconscious. 
- Yang Dongxue, Beijing, Jan. 2014

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