Friday, February 28, 2014

Annar Bjørgli, photographer

We have started a new partnership with ARTHIVE and we will present here on our website a selection af the Arthive's artists: Annar Bjørgli and Jo Michael de Figueiredo.

ArtHive is a new concept that focuses on bringing art and business together. Established in Oslo, Norway in January 2013, the company both manages and promotes artists, but also helps corporates find the right art to enhance their corporate environment. 
We represent painters, photographers, sculptors, textile artists, artists that work with light and technology and cross over productions including large scale installations. We work with well known, established artists and as well as new, young, emerging artists. 

Deliberate use of art in business strengthens a company’s brand and identity. Art can send the right messages to both customers and employees while creating a sense of well-being throughout the workplace. 

Because we pride ourselves on one-on-one consulting, we provide a unique approach in dealing with our customers. In order to give customers the best attention and most unique pieces of art for their company, we only work on a limited number of projects at a time. This ensures that your company has the right art to complement its 

Annar Bjørgli, born 1969, Oslo. 
Bjørgli was educated at the Institute of Photography in the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and works as a photographer in Oslo. 

He has participated in a number of group exhibitions in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. He has also had solo exhibitions in Fotogalleriet in Oslo and Akershus Kunstnersenter and has carried out many public art projects, including at Hotell Expo Fornebu and the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Bjørgli’s work leans towards and has its strength in the poetic. 

He gives the viewer plenty of space to interpret his work. The pictures are parts of a conversation where the viewer is in dialogue with himself and participates in a conversation that occurs in the work’s association room. Historically, he is particularly interested in painting from the introduction of the central perspective up to modernism. He is fascinated by this time span, which is driven by a desire to create what has become the photographer’s signature, the representation. This striving for control of the entire photographic surface, as well as the scene, delivers the gaze behind the camera and creates an expression in the same way as the stroke of an artist.

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