Monday, January 6, 2014

Museum performances in the world

An interesting infographics from The Economist deserves to be commented:

The first thing we noticed, as Italians, is the poor figure of our Country.
Italy has one of the richest cultural and artistic heritages but has less mueseums (and even worse, quite the same number of visitors) than a small Country like Holland.

The other interesting thing to notice is the growth of museums and visitors in the Asia-Pacific zone, with the relevant role of China and the great performance of Japan, the third in the world (according to this infographic) for visitors' number.

It's quite clear the direct link between the econimic performances of a Country with the relevance of her museum system:


with some excepions like, sadly, Italy again.

As Italians we must think about this information and about our situation: maybe it is also an effect of the poor number of contemporary art museums in Italy? Maybe our citizens and tourists are "bored" of the classical art?

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