Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ITALIAN CULTURAL HERITAGE : National Museum of Musical Instruments opens

January 15th 2014 will be re-opened after nearly two years of full closure , the National Museum of Musical Instruments.

Made the necessary extraordinary maintenance and functional adaptation of the structure , the Museum, which continues to work to renew itself completely to become shortly the New National Museum of Musical Instruments, it is ready for a reopening in areas that will still allow enhancement of historic and artistic heritage that is so important.

The undisputed jewel of the greatest masterpieces in the field, the Museum intends to offer the visitor, for the moment with ten exhibition halls opened , the opportunity to experience extraordinary learning , discovering, among other things, the absolute prototypes such as the sixteenth-century harpsichord built Hans Muller (1537) , the first piano by Italian Bartolomeo Cristofori (1722 ), the Barberini harp , wonderful example of baroque magnificence , undisputed icon of the Museum for its historical value ( belonging to the Barberini family ) , artistic ( the redundant wealth of plastic decorations that make his ' column ' a kind of gorgeous baroque candelabra ) , music ( is armed with three rows of strings that allow you to perform even the chromatic notes ).

The museum offers a journey full of surprises , with curiosity related to the fascinating world of violin making , documented by sensational examples of stringed instruments able to seduce and capture the interest of both the public and of the finest musicologists .

Opening January 15, 2014

National Museum of Musical Instruments
Piazza Santa Croce in Gerusalemme , 9 / A - Rome
Opening hours: every day from 9 to 19
Admission: € 5

(Note of the Blog,'s Editor: we sadly discovered that the museum's website is only in Italian language and really incomplete. As Italians we are sorry of that and we ask all the foreign friends to beg your pardon. We hope to have made a little good service with this translated post)

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