Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Investing in Italian international artists: Rabarama

Rabarama is a young but solid artist in the world of contemporary art and Vecchiato Art Galleries has always been the official, exclusive, representing Gallery, which manage the official archive.

By analyzing the biography of Rabarama we immediately note that, although born only in 1969, in 2000 she performed in major international exhibitions and received requests for her works from the international market  (Mexico, USA, China).
The subsequent imposition on the Italian market was certified out by the major exhibitions in Florence, Reggio Calabria, Orta San Giulio, etc. and by the participation at the 54 th Venice Biennale.
Currently the projection of Rabarama is mainly to the United States and North America where she is consolidating and increasing her presence thanks to the interest of collectors, museums and galleries.

From the investment point of view the fundamental values of Rabarama are determined by:
1) Having an historical and solid gallery behind, with thirty years experience, who takes care of the historical records of the work, since the beginning of her career.
2) The young age of the artist, which guarantees an even long career, that for the next year has  already a very busy schedule
3) The recognition and strength at international level (exhibitions in the major capitals of the world, acquisitions by museums and galleries, great collectors in the world).
This determines objectively the goodness of investing in a work of Rabarama.
In particular, in the SHORT term, investing in a unique piece of the artist may give great satisfaction.

Works of Rabarama are in major auctions in Europe and the world: in 2010 the sculpture Apres was sold by Christie's for about $ 35,000


Rabarama values according to ArsValue (January 2013)
(Data refer to the Italian auctions market)
Short term trend: Investment in the last 3 years has produced above average profitability
Trend: Medium Investment in the last 6 years has produced well above average profitability
Long term trend: investment over the past 10 years has produced above average profitability

The works of Rabarama:
The works of Rabarama are divided into unique pieces and multiples:
The multiple (serial sculpture) can be in glossy or coated  bronze and the series range from 100 +30 +20 50 +10 +10.
The unique pieces can be painted bronze, aluminum or marble, small in size, intermediate or monumental . Bronzes and aluminum paintings can be pulled to 8 +4 serie or less equal to 3 +1, 4 +1 or 1 +1 (though each piece is painted in a different way that makes it even more unique), while the marbles are only one piece
The bronzes are cast with the lost wax method.

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