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(source) Palm Springs is known for design, style and luxury. In February, thousands arrive to explore the best of these through fine art, architecture and modernism events. The hottest show in February for fine art collectors, buyers and aficionados as well as the museum curator audience is The 3rd Annual Palm Springs Fine Art Fair (PSFAF) taking place February 13-16, 2014.

After its first two years, the Fair has already become a must see for collectors and fans of Contemporary Art. A veritable pop-up museum of modern art valued at over $100 million from over 60 international galleries will be presented in the exhibit hall at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

The extraordinary exhibition curates a dynamic review of works by artists including Karel Appel, Le Corbusier, Henry Jackson, Frank Stella, Raymond Jonson, Pablo Picasso, Kenneth Noland, Jennifer Bartlett, Chul Hyan Ahn, David Middlebrook, and many more.

With recent art auction house sales breaking records in New York for contemporary art, coupled with the frenzy of buying at Art Basel Miami week, it appears this genre has a renewed popularity. "This is Contemporary and Modern art that is alive and in the moment," says producer Rick Friedman, "Collectors perceive that art is not only beauty, but also as an alternative investment." Palm Springs Fine Art Fair is the hottest ticket on the Fine Art winter circuit not only because of the beautiful destination, but also because of the quality of the art, the artists and the excitement of what's in the show.

One piece that will be dazzling the audience will be Steve Maloney's Ride-em-Cowboy, a sculpture created from a Bell Jet Ranger Helicopter and a Long Horn Steer. "Palm Springs is bigger than life and we felt Steve's piece captures both contemporary and future," continues Friedman.

The larger-than-life-size Ride-em-Cowboy is a decommissioned bone yard chopper, engine-free yet structurally sound, dressed to the hilt inside and out with thousands of colored gemstones; old cowhide chairs; authentic Longhorn Steer skull; iPad with virtual flight simulator; Swarovski crystal chandelier; a built-in high-polished lapped and riveted aluminum bar inspired by a vintage Airstream trailer; hand-war-painted Indian Motorcycle front fender lights; yards of LED lighting strips; and vinyl cowhide wrap exterior. "The use of repurposed materials creates a familiarity and allows people to relate to the work in a personal way. Steve is unafraid to bombard our senses - and our sense of humor. It's great to see contemporary art that makes people smile," says James Carona, owner of Heather James Gallery.

The exhibition also includes expert panel discussions that are standing room only. "Whether you are buying your first piece or have a collection that is museum-worthy, the panels are there to inform and create dialog about art, collecting and the artists represented," says Friedman.

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