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How do you recognize great original new art that you can enjoy and yet it is bound to be a great investment at the same time?

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How do you recognize great original new art that you can enjoy and yet it is bound to be a great investment at the same time?
Damien Hirst and many of the others, let us be honest, had never been great, really enjoyable art and it is so much the 19xx`s anyway. Who would want to spend millions on a piece of flash in formaldehide or Tracy Emin`s bloody, well, ... garbage? 

Surely there is a lot of great enjoyable fine art out there, reasonably affordable. You know, someone purchased van Gogh the first time, and it did not cost zillions at the time, neiter did Bosch, or Chagall. Who is the next great master of the internet age? How would you recognize it when it walks by you? 

Do you listen to those galleries that keep selling the same outdated unsellable decoration that only makes their balance sheet more happy? 

I am really interested in seeing your opinions and experience where you look when you are ready to purchase the next piece up on your wall.
(Attila B.)

Angelo Bordiga

(Vecchiato Arte answer)
Dear Attila, your question is a great one, also for the gallerists who are always looking for "the next big thing" :). 
In fact we are always looking for young artists who will be an important part of the future art scene. 
Well, it's really difficult, also because nowadays there are so many good artists around the World! 
Our approach (and surely it could be interesting to know also for the collectors) is this: 
1) the artist must have a solid techinique 
2) the artist must show an evolution in her / his even brief career 
3) she must be original in what she does 
4) the artist must strongly believe in what she is doing and she must will to live only from art 
5) the artist must be really inspired: she creates artworks for an inner need and desire, not only to "do the artist". 
6) the artits must be ready to "sacrifice", I mean to make exhibits, promotion, etc without hoping to gain much money in the first stages of her career. We as a gallery have great costs (promotion, Internet, television, managing, etc) when we choose to promote a new artist and obviously we can not hope to sell her immediately: the new artist has to be know, appreciated and the desired. 

You ask for some hints, well, we can suggest you to have a look at some of our great young artists: 

Angelo Bordiga 
He paints free with the strength of the reaction to the silence of the modern times, transcending persons. 

Cinzia Pellin 
She is obsessed by Beauty and she struggles to create black, white and red icons from the beauty of female faces. 

Marco Rea 
he is opening a new road for street art and pop surrealism, concentrating on the lost souls of marketing objects. 

Masha Knyazeva Trotzky 
Winner of the National Award “Best Photographer of Russia – 2010”. 
She exhibited her artworks in Russia, Italy, Greece, Germany, Austria. 

Please let me know you opinion about them. 

Best regards and thank you for the post

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