Monday, November 11, 2013

Rabarama in the new Vespa advertising

Rabarama sculpture "Alveoli" appears in the last Vespa advertising:

The sculpture is located in Lucca, Italy

Rabarama sculpture in Vespa advertising


The daughter of an artist, from her early childhood she showed an inborn talent for sculpture. She started her artistic education at the Arts High School in Treviso, and continued later at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. She graduated with top marks in 1991 and immediately started taking part in a large number of national and international sculpture competitions, earning growing acclaim with both the critics and the general public alike.1995 was a turning-point for her as it marked the start of her working partnership with the Dante Vecchiato gallery, important for the development of her future main artistic themes and for her promotion both in Italy and abroad. (continues...)

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