Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love for the Strings: The Art & Performance of Hikari Kesho’s Shibari Photography

a visual essay by Mark McCawley

read the full essay on Urban Graffiti Magazine, here

Hikari Kesho has always had a passion for the photography of bodies, particularly the female form, exploring what he called “body expression” when at the age of 18 he began his first serious and continuing explorations of photography by enrolling in a major photo club. Often his photographic research led him to interpret the body with the use of chains, ropes, even ivy, anything that could be used to “lock” the position of the subject in a desired position, to transform the subject “more charming, more beautiful graphically, yet certainly also the most erotic” to the eye.
Kesho’s first focused research in this direction dates back to 1992. In ’93 this research gave birth to his photo book, “The Shaman, death and other stories.” The photographs in this book represent several scenes in which warrior women, shaman women, unfortunate heroines, witches, nymphs and sirens interpret fantasy stories. “In fantasy descriptions and illustrations the blue fairies wear the transparent veils of odalisques, witches prefer black leather bikinis, high boots and whips, the heroines often lose their bra and panties only to end tied up in positions and situations that would have earned the approval of the Divine Marquis…” 

read the full essay on Urban Graffiti Magazine, here

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