Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Banksy artworks for free

Steal Banksy is the natural ending of the recent "residency" of the Artist in NYC. It is a guide to the aerworks Banksy did in the streets of the city, to get (steal?) them, the website here

Steal Banksy !

This is an interesting initiative that points on one of the focal themes around street art: the private property in an urban settlement.

Are the walls exclusive property of the owner of a building or are them public places since they are part of the everyday life of so many persons?
Why beautiful graffiti or street art are accepted by the owners or citizens and ugly ones are not, if they are always illegal?
There is something wrong and old in the way our cities are managed and in the laws?

The discussion is open and the street artists are painting....

An interesting view on the theme (source and full article here)

Arguments against public art have gained credibility since the 1980’s, when its advocacy made spurious claims for social benefit while public art itself became a badge for speculative and often socially divisive redevelopment. To see this realization standing as a piece of public art, without embellishment and commissioned by public art’s UK network, has a nicely postmodern irony. But its better than that: the statement invites us to think again about what is public and what is private, and perhaps to get off that see-saw altogether.
- Malcolm Miles (Reader in Cultural Theory, University of Plymouth).

The Economic Function Of Public Art Is To Increase The Value Of Private Property

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