Monday, October 28, 2013

Italian artists

Sadly, in the recent months all the “news” researches about “Italy” on search engines gave information about the Italian political crisis, some famous models, ...It seems that Italy is completely loosing the appeal related to be one of the most interesting Countries - speaking about art...

It is interesting indeed to notice that if you search news about “Italian art” is more probable that you will read something about a Christie's or Sotheby's auction about Italian artworks than something occurring in Italy.
We can say, in a simple analysis but maybe useful, that Italy is trying to destroy its greatest appeal and that the foreign Countries want that great appeal.
What is this? Obviously art (and then style, design, etc, with art as the major expression of creativity).
In the simplest economic terms: there is a big request for Italian art but the “Italian shop” is closed five days a week, and the remaining two can not assist foreign costumers. 

This problem is referred to art in general, not only artworks but also museums, art tourism and so on.
It is really a pity, not only for Italy but also for all the persons abroad who would like to enrich their lives with Italian art.
The exposure of contemporary Italian artists is poor too, compared to other Countries and to the quality of the contemporary Italian art: there are so many young but great artists in Italy who deserve to be discovered abroad!

Many ask why Italian artists have “something more” compared to others. The answer is that every Italian grew up in an ambient full of beauty, full of different aesthetic styles (from ancient Romans times to Renaissance, to Futurism, to modern architecture, etc) that has filled their sensibility in a really variegated way, with different shades of different beauties.
This is a “weight” too, because all these great beauties are there on every Italian artists shoulders and they could intimidate her or him, bringing to a lack of free creativity...But does this matter so much?
We can think that it is reasonable to be intimidated by Caravaggio or Michelangelo, it is a good sign of humbleness that could permit to the best ones to create something really new without forgetting a great past that is not only in history books but in every Italian attitude towards life (starting from how she / he arranges the dining table to how she / he chooses the colors for a painting).

We can say that in these years Italian artists are like “emerging artists” but with the difference that they have already maturity, solidity, etc: the only problem is that they are poorly known compared to British or Chinese artists for example.

In terms of art-market it is sure that you can discover many Italian artists who could be a good investment for the following decades and you risk even to make a really big deal if you have a keen eye on art.

You, as a foreign collector has a natural advantage: you will enter an hunting territory that is quite free of competitors.
Here you can find great artists and great deals. More and more the foreign collectors will give attention to the Italian art scene, more and more it will emerge and those who came first will be the most lucky of all.

Discover this Unseen Giant with us, starting from our personal selection:

he invented the folded paintings “piegature”, working on the unseen and conceptual art with an incredible vital strength.

she had the courage of affronting classical sculpture and to bring it to the modernity, without special provocative effects but pointing to Beauty, beauty and beauty again, hitting the also common people with her giants.
She has been already discovered by some great collectors like Guy Laliberté of the Cirque du hurry up!

he gave to the fresco technique the poetry of the modern times, travelling between fantasies and pure matter, mystery and color.

He paints free with the strength of the reaction to the silence of the modern times, transcending persons.

She is obsessed by Beauty and she struggles to create black, white and red icons from the beauty of female faces.

he is opening a new road for street art and pop surrealism, concentrating on the lost souls of marketing objects.

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