Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Even Picasso Was an Emerging Artist

Discover a great selection of young ascending artists, to believe in them, to invest in them, to grow with them, both artistically and financially.

they will speak about them...

The renowned Italian contemporary art gallery Vecchiato presents to the world an accurate selection of young artists who will be the affirmed artists of the future (you can find it here: )

They are mainly Italian and all of them deserves your attention, since they have a great career in front of them and they are now gaining more and more successes: they are growing.

 “If you care about the artistic process, collecting works by emerging artists -- those at the start of their careers -- can be one of the best (and most affordable) ways to engage” says Hilary Harkness on The Huffington Post, “ It's a form of angel investing: a way to identify and nurture talent at its earliest stages. I certainly owe my career to the collectors who were willing to take a chance on me more than a decade ago, when I was first establishing myself as an artist. (...)"

Pellin is a young painter who had already great successes and who is still growing and exploring new fields (painting and augmented reality for example). Her style is “eternal” since she paints beautiful female figures with her specific chromatic choice of white, grey, black and red. Beteween pop art and hyperrealism.

Raffaele Rossi is a middle man with a young soul and mind who was able to bring the ancient fresco technique to the contemporary world and he is loved by collectors in Japan and Northern Europe for his great elegance.

Angelo Bordiga is what you think about when you imagine a painter: total control of the techinique, great inspiration, amazing results: paintings that live on their own,

Masha Knyazeva Trotzky is a great photographer and artist from Moscow, who melt photography, digital art, assemblage, mass media culture to create incredible pieces of art, so fresh and beautiful that stands among the others (and in fact she is winning one contest after another...)

Marco Rea is really young but already published on Juxtapoz magazine (the bible of pop-surrealism) and his artworks are requested as covers by many avantgarde music bands for the USA and all over the world. He comes from the street art and he has invented the new techinique of the spray painting on commercial billboards.

Michelangelo Rossato is a youngster really at the starting point of his career, but he has already a supreme technique and an original style. Besides that his paintings are deep in meaning, related to studies on anthropology and myth.

Giovanni Calce is obsessed by shoes and he paints them in every form, giving to the paintings a meaning that goes beyond the actual object.

And finally Zuanetto with his punk-pop art that is alway surprising for the freedom and originality. Hello Kitty and “friends” depicted in absurd situations.

As Judy Rey Wasserman states: “So, how do you spot an up and coming artist? Someone whose works will appreciate, even appreciate greatly over time? Look at history. What are the common denominators for artists whose works are worth a fortune today?
 Lasting, museum quality fine artists always inspires a new view of the world.  Their work is always out standing and unique, thus easily recognized. Great artsists even inspire a new understanding about how to see the world. Any artist worth investing in has a new and unique twist on how to see the world.”

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