Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vecchiato Art Galleries Presents E-GENETIC, a Sculpture by renowned International Artist Rabarama

- Fresh from her successful collaboration with Cirque du Soleil, Rabarama’s latest sculpture comments on the collision of humanity with technology

- The limited edition sculpture will be sold directly through the Internet by the artist herself

International artist Rabarama has sculpted a limited edition of her new small, bronze sculpture E-GENETIC using a premium and historic Italian foundry. The sculpture, of which only 1000 will be casted, is inspired by the influence that the Internet has on our life, bringing about a new kind of human being. Rabarama had been inspired since the very first stages of her career by themes of mutation, destiny, body, and technology. 

This will be the first time a renowned international artist has created an artwork that will be displayed and sold to collectors only via the Internet.


About E-GENETIC (view it in 360°)
Created in 2013, E-GENETIC is targeted at art collectors seeking a special, contemporary piece or to new collectors who wish to begin their collections with a seminal, affordable artwork. (E-GENETIC will be priced under €2,000.) The collectors who acquire E-GENETIC will be granted special access to a close group—limited only to the 1,000 owners of E-GENETIC—on social networks, where they can converse directly with Rabarama about the themes of the Internet and its influence on human life and culture, contemporary arts, and the artistic avant-garde.

Dimensions: height 21.5cm / length 17.5cm / width 16.5cm

About Rabarama
Rabarama (born 1969) is a sculptor who has exhibited all over the world.  She is represented worldwide by Vecchiato Art Galleries. Her sculptures and paintings of men, women and hybrid creatures, often in eccentric poses, have appeared in public spaces from Paris to Shanghai, and her work was featured at the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

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