Monday, June 24, 2013

Chinese censorship on Michelangelo's nudity. Art and sex.

Art and sexuality. The eternal struggle has a new victim, that is Michelangelo’s scuplture (David-Apollo) marble penis, this one:

China Central Television (CCTV) censored the crotch of a Michelangelo’s sculpturein a broadcast, with a pixelous mask…

Just some weeks ago we started a facebook campaing about “art counsels” with some hilarious facebook walls images and one of them was this one:

Vecchiato's campaing: "Buy art not porn"


To tell the truth, the Chinese TV wanted to protect the sensibility of the watchers, arguing that some one could be disturbed by the vision of nudity in a sculpture, and as a national Tv maybe they were right.

The real question is another one, and a long dated one: where is the boundary between art and pornography? 

When nudity can be offensive and when perceived as art?

Everyone has his/her beliefs and it is impossible to find a rule.

For example, which of this images you consider “art” and what “disturbing porno”?:




The reaction in the chinese blogosphere:

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