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Venice Biennale 2013 - 55th edition. The map

Venice, center of the world contemporary art?

Beautiful Venexia, weeping for her past above the armies of tourists and the dirty streets, has still the great energy of her glorious past: La Serenissima is like a ghost who appears from time to time when Beauty is around.

The Doge of Venexia @ Factory, NY

Yes, the essence of Venexia is Beauty and Connection, and this is why so many people visit the Biennale, even if often the artworks are nothing  compared to the natural beauty of Venice.
Keep many of these artworks and put them in an empty space. Now keep a Gondola and do the same. In many cases the Gondola will be the winner, speaking of beauty, creativity, craft and art.

Ok, after this “outing” of a Veneto* contemporary art lover, let’s see what there  is to see in Venexia in these days of the Biennale.

First of all: do you know that when you arrive to Venice by train you are entering the city from the wrong part?
(The real entrance of Venexia  is Piazza San Marco).

But it is good, from there the walk to San Marco is like a colonoscopy of the actual city…

You will walk among people from all parts of the world, like some centuries ago when Venexia was the hub of the commercial and cultural connections between Europe and the East, from Istanbul to China.

Then an Italian called Colombo discovered a new continent on the other side of the world and many things changed, until the end when a French named Napoleone (another Italian surname) destroyed the long experience of the Serenissima (it is interesting to note that nowadays France is one of the biggest sponsor of the cultural life in Venexia…Alas! If Napoleone had a time-machine!)

Venexia in 2090, taken by Napoleone from his time-machine

Well, I will start from Lisboa.

Venexia and Lisboa are linked by their history so strictly related to the sea and the voyages (but Venexia is more beautiful) and I had the chance (thanks Ephanie and Rui) to visit before the opening the ship-installation of the Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos

She worked on a Lisboa ferry boat and created a particular installation on the inside. It is really beautiful, it seems to be underwater. The ship will be also the place for meetings, live music and so on. If there will be also Porto wine it will be one of the best places of the Biennale, for sure (Lisboa mood + Porto wine are a killing combination for party). Visit it.

The ferry boat before meeting Joana Vasconcelos

Talking about the other things to see I have done a map that can help you to move in Venexia (…it is not true: if you have ever visited the city you know that you will get lost anyway, and this is good).

I thought that the Biennale staff would have done something similar. They don’t, so I did myself, as a little gift from a Veneto to all the friends from outside  the (ghost of) Serenissima.

(and if you dare to come to Venexia please come also to Padova, it’s 30 minutes by train, to visit our art gallery. Call us at 049.8561359 or e-mail at and we gladly will meet you. Vecchiato Art Galleries, Via Alberto da Padova, 2 – Padova.  ) 

Vecchiato Art Galleries
On the previous edition we were at the Biennale with Rabarama, as you can see in these video:

Finally, here the map:

Visualizza Biennale Venezia 55th edition in una mappa di dimensioni maggiori

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