Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pier Toffoletti and the BODY TOY paintings

2013 Italy - Pier Toffoletti

Pier developed a passion for speleology (exploring caves), and while pursuing this interest he traveled to some wild regions in Central and South America between 1992 and 1995. His experiences in these environs created a deep change in his view towards life. It was in 1995 that Pier decided it was time to devote his full time and considerable talents to painting.

Pier’s work can now be seen in galleries and publications throughout Europe and Asia. His North American debut at the Galleria di Sorrento in Las Vegas has been eagerly anticipated by collectors who have seen his art in Japanese and Parisian galleries where he is avidly collected. In 1997, Pier was nominated to become a member of the 'World Council Of Arts' and that same year his work was featured on the cover of the prestigious Japanese publication 'Art Pictorial'

Body Toy - Pier Toffoletti

He wants to probe current events more deeply, or revisit the Renaissance in an even more modern key. He is pushing even further beyond the 'evocation of the present' that is the subject of the first part of this book.This continuous evolution means that Pier conserves the enthusiasm and desire to express himself that have underpinned his entire artistic exploration.His companion in life and at work since 1979 has been his wife Manuela. 

She has followed and supported him in all his adventures, working closely with him with great skill and responsibility. It is no coincidence that Pier likes to say that his marriage is 'the loveliest thing that could have happened to me'. Now as before, and even more than before, Manuela is an extremely important but never intrusive companion. Pier is a free spirit.

Pier's artworks:

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