Monday, May 13, 2013

Contemporary art gallery

What really is a contemporary art gallery?

In the imagination of many a contemporary art gallery is a place with white walls and absurd things on the walls and on the floor, some videos and music.

A typical contemporary art gallery exhibition

Others they think a contemporary art gallery is an empty space with a video projection and a nude woman / man writhing on the floor, but with the genitals covered.

Some kind of contemporary art performance

There are also many people who think that it is something like a spacious bar where you can drink for free in plastic (but with a good design) glasses.

A vernissage in a contemporary art gallery

Someone thinks a contemporary art gallery is a place where a woman sits staring to the public and that is right to stop another woman where she undress herself in this artistic event

Marina Abramovic MOMA performance with a little scandal

Well, this is a kind of vision related to marketing more than art.

A contemporary art gallery is a company with many people working  with the aim of promoting and sell, yes, sell, artworks made by living artists, or recently died ones…

Contemporary art gallery hard work

In these mass media culture we are so used to receive information and messages in full passivity that we are happy to endure art.

We are losing one of the  real pleasures of art: to discuss about it. To talk with the gallery director or other visitors about the artworks, to know the personal history behind them, to negotiate for the price like ina bazaar…

Contemporary art gallery discussion

Anyway,  we like all these beautiful galleriez :)

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