Thursday, March 14, 2013

Italy In Crisis Has Found A Savior: Art And Rabarama

International press writes about Italy only because of economic  crisis, ex-president sexy feasts and Popes, but there is something more:  Italian contemporary art is having a new great success in the world.

Rabarama, Cirque du soleil and Stars Group skate team

The controversial, innovative, suggestive Italian artists Rabarama is having new successes from Las Vegas to Taiwan.

She is collaborating with Cirque du Soleil in the USA for a big event (One Night for One Drop) and her art will be brought to Taiwan by the Italian skating team “Stars Group” selected for the World Championship, with a choreography inspired by her art. 

She had already conquered public and collectors in China and Europe with her public exhibition of giant sculptures depicting fascinating humanoids decorated with strange colored patterns or in white italian marble.

Rabarama in China

This is the power of Made in Italy when we speak about art: from classical period to Renaissance, Italy was the center of art but then for too many years the Country  had slept on these ancient glories. 

Now, in the XXI century something is changing: a creative force that innovates the ancient ways is invading the art world. 

Recently art has been too often “ugly”: but the world wants beauty and is bored of dull, provocative-only,
unintelligible art. And in this field Italy can say more than many others also because Italian artists live surrounded by beauty everywhere.

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