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Art Fair Tokyo 2013

Art Fair Tokyo 2013

In its 8th edition, the fair features 'Artistic Practice' section with various works and projects from historical to contemporary. 'Sankyo-Life in the Mountains' is a special exhibition of the former prime minister of Japan, Morihiro Hosokawa. 'Discover Asia' section features South Eastern Asian artists alongside East Asian artists and galleries. 'Tokyo Limited' section is dedicated in showcasing the collection of the fair, from fashion to crafts and contemporary jewelry to vintage photos.


ART FAIR TOKYO 2013 : Topics

Masayoshi Kodaira, the ADC award winner in Visual Design for ART FAIR TOKYO 2010 is in charge of the main image design for AFT 2013.

2)Floor plan and Layout
On our eighth year and running, this year much like the previous, we've dedicated the entire B2 level for the fair. After a careful review of the layout, not only have the aisles widened, we've also made it easier to weave through the entire floor to enjoy each booth from antiques to contemporary.

3)Special Projects

1Artistic Practice
This section, "artistic practice exist throughout time and genre" was a concept that began in 2011 and continues to introduce in the spirit of art, various breathtaking works and projects from historical to contemporary.
This year, Morihiro Hosokawa will be featured in this project.

Special Exhibition「-Sankyo- Life in the Mountains : Morihiro Hosokawa」
After retiring from the world of politics, Morihiro Hosokawa, the former prime minister of Japan discovered a life of tranquility deep within the mountains. Dedicating his life to the pursuit of finding beauty in the simplicity of everyday necessities in rural living. In this special exhibition, his calligraphy and ceramic works will be exhibited in a beautifully recreated model of his arbor and tea ceremony room to convey in its totality, the message of "Bringing art into daily life".
■Curator:Kei Takahashi 
■Space layout:Tataraya Koubou (Atelier)
■Supported by:Futo Co., Ltd./General incorporated foundation "Great Forest Wall Project"/Kochukyo Co., Ltd./Yanagi Takashi/ Asaki Masakatsu/ General incorporated foundation "Kamimori"/Kamiya Co., Ltd.2

Discover Asia
"Discover Asia" is a section that was introduced to the fair last year and will be on showcase for its second year. This year will feature South Eastern Asian artists alongside East Asian artists and galleries. The art scene in this region like Indonesia and its neighboring countries have been developing at a remarkable pace. We're delighted to have the opportunity to introduce works from such artists that have been causing quite a stir in this region.

Artists from SouthEast Asia : Jompet Kuswidananto(Indonasia)/Apichatpong Weerasethakul(Thailand) Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba(Vietnam)/Rodel Tapaya(Philippines)/Navin Rawanchaikul & Rirkrit Tiravanija(Thailand) Cooperating galleries : ShugoArts/SCAI THE BATHHOUSE/NANZUKA/MIZUMA ART GALLERY/Wada Fine Arts

3Tokyo Limited
The boundaries of art has long been a subject to challenge. Experimental to historical artifacts have made their way into the realm of art. Under this influence, "Tokyo Limited" is dedicated in showcasing the unique collection of ART FAIR TOKYO, from fashion to crafts and contemporary jewelry to vintage photos.
© writtenafterwards
© Ulrich Reithofer
■Fashion:writtenafterwords(In collaboration with:Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week TOKYO)
■Crafts/Jewelry:Gallery Voice/Exhibition Space APJ/gallery C.A.J/gallery deux poissions /Contemporary Art Jewelry Intersection(Section curated by Nirith Nelson、Huang Janny and Chitose Ohchi)
■Vintage photos:(Cooperating galleries) Taka Ishii Gallery/ZEIT-FOTO SALON/nap gallery/Photo Gallery International

Talk Show, Fair tour, video screening and special art related events will be held during this period.
For further and the latest information please visit:

Takahiro Kaneshima Executive Director / Representative
Kiichi Kitajima Managing Director / Deputy Representative
Hozu Yamamoto Tokyo Gallery + BTAP

Vernissage: Thursday, March 21 16:00 18:00 

Opening Preview: Thursday, March 21 18:00 21:00

Tokyo International Forum
B2F Exhibition Hall
5-1 Marunouchi 3-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 100-0005 Japan
Open to Public: Friday, March 22 11:00 21:00
Saturday, March 23 11:00 20:00
Sunday, March 24 10:30 17:00
Doors close 30 mins before closing
Admission fee
1-DAY Passport 2,000yen(tax included)※1 Day Passport allows visitors to go in and out the venue with no limitations for the entire day.
3-DAY Passport 3,500yen(tax included)※3 Day Passport allows visitors to go in and out the venue during the entire fair.

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