Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The First In The World 360° 3D Sculpture Mapping Live

The video of the multimedia experiment on a Rabarama’s sculpture broadcasted by NHK national Japanese television and by Wowow channel, Japan

Rabarama conquers Japan thanks to her famous multimedia experiment.
In Florence, Italy, a sculpture of the renowned artist Rabarama ( comes to life.

Along with the performers, and for the first time in the world, a bronze sculpture comes to life: "Bozzolo" (Cocoon), on the most famous Rabarama's operas. On the sculpture's skin - coated in white for the occasion and without any incision - were screened in 3D some of the codes used by the artist, as if to merge the themes so dear to Rabarama on the skin of a single immobile body... 'Art and technology go hand in hand towards a more common goal: to amaze!

Through the use of special projectors the guys at Draw Light were able to transfer the CG imagery on the sculpture. The result is stunning. The opera takes a second skin, which changes constantly in real-time.

With this latest achievement, the team has pushed its limits by designing a new projection system which has never been created before.

The sculpture was part of the ANTICOnforme exhibition by Rabarama in Florence, complex 'Le Pagliere' (via Machiavelli).
Rabarama is a world known artist, famous for her monumental sculptures depicting strange human like / mutants creatures and for her incoming collaboration with the One Drop organization in a show with Cirque du Soleil.

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